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At Miami Beach/Los Angeles Vacation Home and Property Management company, we have focused strictly on renting homes and condominiums to short-term vacationers and travelers for the past 8 years. 


It is more profitable for the homeowner for a number of reasons: 
  1. A large majority of vacationers to Miami Beach and Los Angeles do not want to stay in hotels. They want the benefits they receive by being in a private home or condominium. These include being able to cook for themselves, privacy, peace, serenity, and not having to deal with the corporate mentality typical of large hotel chains. 
  2. Travelers do not typically have to pay more to stay in a private home or condominium. Pricing is very competitive with typical luxury hotel charges, and when the traveler compares the cost and benefits they receive by staying in your home, it usually translates to significant numbers of bookings for your home vs the hotel they are comparing with. 
  3. The president of the company found out how profitable this was 8 years ago when he started renting his personal home out to vacation travelers. After "learning the ropes" about how to effectively and profitably rent his home to vacationers, he started contacting other owners of condominiums and homes asking if they would like to use his skill and experience in renting their home or condominium.

Take advantage of our knowledge, skills, and experience to maximize the income your property can generate. CONTACT US to find out more.

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